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Epoxy Floor Coating

Protect your Farm Workshop and Chemical Shed Floors

Servicing the Wheatbelt, South- West and Perth areas

Protecting your shed concrete floors from oil and chemical spills is essential, and an easy-to-clean, non-slip solution is just what you need. Epoxy flooring provides the perfect all-in-one solution – commonly used in domestic, industrial, and commercial settings, epoxy resin flooring offers exceptional protection and durability by applying a coating over a concrete surface. These hard-wearing coatings resist chemicals and enhance grip for increased safety, providing a resilient, durable flooring solution that stands the test of time.

There are three steps in the process:

1. Diamond Grinding
2. Design and Documentation
3. Quotation
4. Construction

Stage One: Diamond Grinding

Applying epoxy flooring solutions involves several critical steps to ensure a durable and smooth finish. First, the floor is prepared with three-phase diamond floor grinders – diamond grinders are equipped with four planetary rotating discs each fitted with 4 industrial diamond shoes that act to clean, level, and smooth the concrete surface.

Stage Two: Clean and Prime

This grinding process removes surface imperfections and laitance providing a key for the floor coating while minimising dust through industrial vacuum extraction. Once the floor is properly prepared, it is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to remove any debris. At this stage, the prime coat of epoxy is applied.

Stage Three: Top Coat

Finally, the epoxy top coat is applied, resulting in a high-quality, resilient flooring solution. Consider leaving a section of floor untreated for welding as this can burn the surface.

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 Latest Projects


This beautiful exterior was our most challenging project ever, the home is a stones throw from the beach this meant our design and specification had to cater for conditions that strip paint from the front of the home!


This amazing project was featured on the cover of Scoop magazines “W.A’s Best outdoors & gardens 2010”. RED was asked to provide a resort style outdoor living area to compliment the seven bedroom single storey home. 


This property was featured in Scoop Homes and Art. The front landscape leading to this stunning riverside property is a both a bold statement and an entertaining conceptual space that’s fun and inviting.


This quaint weatherboard beach house had undergone a major renovation and addition when we were brought in to provide some inspiration. All the new living rooms view through to the courtyard, a ‘’static feature’’ was tasked with being the focal point of all this attention.


This project was featured in WA’s Best Outdoors and gardens. The owner had purchased a fibre-glass pool for their backyard they were concerned that it may be too big. Our brief was to recommendation the size, shape and orientation of the pool to include a large entertaining area, outdoor lounge and a play space for the children all to fit in the angular backyard. 

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