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Picking a new floor isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many kinds to choose from and each one has a number of additional options in relation to colour, shape and design. The choice of flooring also depends on the room and the number of people walking on it. When we walk into a business or office, one of the first things we look at is the floor. It’s important to make that vital first impression. Then there’s the ‘wear and tear’ to consider when your family or customers are walking through this space.  This article will try to explain about the most popular types of flooring, where’s the best place to use them and their advantages and disadvantages.

First, there’s the hardwood floor which is very traditional and very hard wearing and kind of provides us a small link with nature. It feels warm under the feet and it looks natural. Oak tends to be the popular choice for homeowners, but Tasmanian wattle, bluegum and creamy blackbutt are also popular. These floors are available in many styles like plank, parquet and all ready finished boards that you can install yourself.

Carpet has been around for a long time and still remains popular in homes. They provide that warm feeling to your feet that other floor coverings can’t provide. It’s pretty easy to keep clean and if it gets a bit grubby, just wheel out the hoover and it looks like new in no time. For those harder to reach stains, it’s probably best to get a professional to do the job for you, like these guys at http://www.chemdryexpresswa.com.au. The comfort gained from a deep pile carpet means you don’t have a hard floor to walk on which might make it a little easier on the legs.

Tiles are immensely popular in Australia due to their long-lasting, durable and timeless look. They are cool to the touch in Summer, stay warm due to the sun in Winter and are so easy to clean up when you have spilt something. Tiles are durable and heavy traffic on them isn’t a hassle and they come in a wide number of colours, textures and sizes. Additionally, they are waterproof, require little or no maintenance and can be non-slip for those kitchen and bathroom areas

For those who have concerns for the environment, then there are all natural floor coverings to consider. Materials like sisal, coir and jute are made from vegetable fibres and come in many colours, patterns and textures and because they have a very tight weave, they wear really well and most importantly, they resist dirt.

There has never been so much variety before when it came to covering our floors, but now we have a wealth of choices. Your choice of flooring allows you to express yourself and you get to create a work of art right there in your home. Maybe it’s time you looked at your options and made the best choice for you and your family.

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