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We sometimes get so wrapped up in what we are doing, that we forget how the exterior of our home looks, and that usually results in either a neighbour making a comment, or we come to our senses and finally decide to do something about it. Just leaving the leaf sweeping for a few days and not trimming the hedge is enough to give your property that desolate look, and any rubbish that is stacked up will certainly lower the tone. If you are at all concerned that your home looks a little jaded, here are some useful tips on keeping things looking ship shape.

    • ✓ Cleaning the Windows – This is a tiresome and dangerous job, especially if your home is two storeys, but by contacting a local window cleaner, you can arrange for him to pop round on a monthly basis, ensuring your windows are smudge free. The professionals have ladders and using a squeegee, they can complete the whole house in a couple of hours, which makes it an affordable option.
    • ✓ Composite Fencing – Many Australian homeowners are taking advantage of the use of glass and aluminium or steel for domestic fencing, as this never needs repainting. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep the fencing looking like new, and with bespoke creations, you can really transform the character of the property.
    • ✓ Pressure Cleaning – If you don’t own a water pressure cleaner, you can hire one from a local plant hire company and this device will bring up your driveway and terrace looking like new. If the exterior of your home is either painted or rendered, you can also deep clean the walls, although this might be a bit tricky.
    • ✓ Guttering and Downpipes – These typically get blocked with leaves and small twigs, and regular cleaning is advised, as any blockage will send excess rainwater running down the exterior walls, which not only makes the home look soiled, it can also cause some serious damage. If you are either unable – or unwilling to tackle this, your local roofing contractor is the ideal person to call and he can pop round at regular intervals and also give the roof a thorough visual inspection.
    • ✓Trees and Shrubs – Nothing makes the front of a property look overgrown than untrimmed trees and shrubs, and this can be avoided with a regular maintenance contract with the local landscape gardener. They would also ensure that power cables are not compromised and any trees that look unsafe can be treated with some lopping.

Some homeowners enjoy the daily chores, while others have not the time, nor the inclination, and in this case, outsourcing will ensure that your property always looks its best. The Internet is a great source of information, and any essential services you might need can easily be sourced with an online search. Any home improvements should be maintenance free, as this reduces the amount of work that is required to keep the home looking good.

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